Choose The Ultimate In Surface Restoration, Protection & Beautification To Extend Surface Life For Years Of Enjoyment

With over 30 years of industry expertise, Trident is the premier solution for restoring, protecting and maintaining a variety of surface investments. Trident is committed to developing innovative high quality products that protect and beautify new surfaces and fully restore old surfaces to their original glory.

Restore An Existing Surface To Make It Look Beautiful Again

An older surface can be restored rather than taking on the high cost of replacing it. Bring back its original beauty and usability with the industry’s best cleaning solutions that meet the needs of even the most challenging transformations.

Trident Sealers

Trident Sealers are designed to take on the toughest offenders and will restore and maintain your surface at a whole new level - one that you can take pride in. A surface properly cleaned with Trident will look its best and provide optimal conditions for sealer adhesion and performance.

  • Remove Overall Dirt & Tough Stains With Trident’s Advanced Cleaning Chemistry
  • Provide Optimal Conditions For Sealing
  • Clean Rinse Technology Leaves Surface Residue Free

Protect Your Surface With Confidence

Once a new project is complete or an older project has been restored, it’s the perfect time to protect it. Trident Sealers can offer protection without changing the look of the surface or if desired, a sealer with enhancing technology can be applied. Whether you want to achieve a wet look or high gloss, Trident Sealers can help restore the faded colors of an existing surface or accentuate the color of a new one.

Commercial Grade Sealer Products

When it comes to long surface life, protection is key. Trident Sealers are tested and proven to protect surfaces from the damaging effects of:

  • Harsh UV Rays
  • Water Penetration
  • Food, Minerals, Leaves, Machinery, Dirt & De-icing Salt Stains
  • Wear & Tear Of Everyday Use

Joint Sand Stabilization Solutions

The stabilization of new joint sand (a process to harden the sand) in an interlocking segmental paver system keeps the surface looking its best and safe by preventing sand loss. For joint stabilization, Trident offers two options: the use of a Joint Stabilizing Sealer with Trident Joint Sand or Trident’s PolySweep Polymeric Sand. Both products contain clean, angular sand that meets the industry standard for proper gradation to ensure long term performance.

  • Prevent Sand Loss
  • Deter Weed Growth
  • Prevent Ant Infestation

Regular Maintenance Adds Years To Surface Life

After restoring your surface or installing a new one, it is the ideal time to start a maintenance plan. Following a schedule and using Trident commercial grade cleaning solutions will help prolong the life of your investment and keep it looking beautiful long term.

No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small For Trident

Trident’s commercial grade products are designed to take on projects of any size, commercial or residential, complex or simple. No job is too big or small to be trusted to Trident’s technology that is proven to withstand the demands of heavy use and harsh elements. Trident fully supports their contractor customers with training, technical support and the necessary resources to ensure their success. For complete confidence, trust your surface restoration, protection and maintenance to Trident.

Getting Started

Select The Right Contractor: Hiring a professional and experienced contractor helps increase the likelihood of a successful project outcome. To select the best contractor for the job, be sure to ask questions regarding relevant experience and check references from current or past customers. The investment of time selecting a contractor is worthwhile because even using the best products cannot make up for the lack of quality workmanship.

Discuss Project Goals And Expectations: Before work begins, discuss your expectations with your contractor of what you wish to achieve with the restoration and protection of your surface. Some items you may wish to cover include surface protection, stain resistance, joint stabilization and enhancement or natural look of the surface.

Choose A Brand You Can Trust: Although other brands may promise similar results, they may not actually deliver. Trident’s technology and quality has been relied on by contractors for over 30 years. Once you find the right contractor for your job, insist that your project is restored, protected and maintained with Trident.

Pre-Test Evaluation: Before the project begins, all products should be tested for suitability due to the variance of natural and manufactured surfaces. To ensure final results meet your expectations, the selected sealer should be applied to a small, inconspicuous area on your project or on a similar loose piece of surface material for your evaluation and approval before full application.